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  • PocketSNES Advance emulator
    released. Now you can play emulated SNES roms
    (Super Nintendo Games)
    on gba flash cards.
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  • gameboy-advance.net gba roms flash advance linker card xg-flash 2
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EZ 2 Linker and Cartridge

The second feature is the hardware saving. This allows EEPROM and Flash type saves to be used on the cartridge without having to first patch them with programs such as FAT. I have tried a few games using EEPROM saves and they work fine. This seems to work better than the XG2 hardware saving as I ran into a few problems when using the XG2 and hardware saving but didn't experience the same with the EZ2. For your information the EZ2 has space for a very respectable 2048Kb of saves which is very good news as now the carts are getting larger that means more games and more save space is needed.

The third main feature of the EZ2 is the cheat device. I didn't have alot of success with using this as the cheats are currently in Chinese. When the cheats are translated with the english version of the software it will be alot easier to use, especially as it comes with over 200 games cheats! Basically the cheat device allows you to add Action Replay/Gameshark style codes when flashing the ROM. These cheats are available in .CHT format and you can also use the codes from VisualBoyAdvance. The cheats can be enabled and disabled from within the game by pressing L+R+START and L+R+SELECT respectively.

The fourth and last main feature of the EZ2 is the Software Reboot function. While adding a ROM to be flashed to the cart you can choose to enable this feature which allows you to reboot the game in two ways. The first is to press A+B+SELECT+START during the game which will reboot to the games and the second way is to press R+A+B+SELECT+START which will reboot to the boot loader screen. Not all games are compatible with this feature it depends if the games company have allowed this in the first place, but quite a few games do and the flashing software will check for compatibility when you add the game to be flashed. Also you should be aware that a separate program which can patch your roms is now available and can be used on any cartridge so this feature is not exclusive with the EZ2 but its good to have the feature built into the software..
EZ2 Boot Menu v1.4
Now replaced by a much nicer Windows style screen as I was writing this review :)

The useful GBA application PogoShell is unfortunately incompatible with the EZ2 as its is designed for the older generation of flash cartridges such as the Flash Advance and Flash2Advance. Like the other next generation cartridges PogoShell isn't a necessity because the main purpose was for the save management. The EZ2 manages saves both automatically and manually eliminating the use of PogoShell for this feature. Of course PogoShell has other uses such has text, image, music viewer/listener so it would be great to see it supported in the future. where are ezflash advance cards made 2 ezflash advance usb nyc 2 ezflash advance for sale new zealand 2 buy ezflash 2 powerstar 2

Now onto the Ice Age speed test. I use the Ice Age move trailer as its a near full 64M GBA ROM (63.25M) so it allows me to get a good idea of speed for all the different types of cartridges. I have some very good news as the EZ2 flashed the ROM in 77 seconds on average. If you check the comparison table here you will see that its currently the second fastest with the EZ-F being on average 6 seconds faster. But please remember that this is an average time so it may be faster or slower depending on various factors.


I have no major complaints for the EZ2, everything worked well and as it should. Some might see the RTC feature as an overkill as only one series of games use it but its still a nice addition in the long term. Out of the EZ2, XG2 and EZ-F I have to say that this is my favorite simply for the number of features is has, great compatibility with games and the very good software, gets two thumbs up from me :)

Packaging 8 Comes in a nice gift box, should last a while so you can store the linker and cartridge in there when not in use.
Ease Of Use 7 Doesn't come with an English installation or user guide but it will be available shortly. Installing and usage is very easy.
Compatibility 9 Very good. The hardware saving function works great and didn't need to patch any ROMs at all! Looses a point for drivers not being compatible with the XG2 and F2A USB drivers.
Overall (not an average) 9 A great device, the main features such as the RTC, Hardware Save and Cheat work great and make a nice addition to the EZ2 supported by the easy to use and feature packed software. I recommend the EZ2 if you are looking to buy a linker and cartridge.

EZ2 Powerstar home page - EZFAdvance.com